Do You Have $1 Million in Retirement Assets?

Having accumulated a significant amount in retirement assets, it’s time to prepare to get the most out of them – for both you and your family. As you anticipate your upcoming retirement, consider important retirement planning advice from a dedicated, specialized professional.

At Kowal Investment Group, our focus on retirement gives you the experience you need to help preserve your principal, grow your retirement income, and pass it on to your heirs or donate to the causes you care about most.

Take the next steps toward maximizing your retirement assets:

Share with your retirement professional your vision for the legacy you want to leave – whatever that might look like.

Discuss which organizations – like your college, church, community, etc. – are most important to you.

Decide how you want your portfolio to be managed should something happen to you.

Let your retirement advisor help manage or consolidate your retirement assets, and simplify your portfolio while helping you accumulate more wealth and plan for its distribution.

Enjoy these specialized services and more:

  • Enhanced wealth service
  • Invitation to visit Raymond James Headquarters
  • Full access to all client events
  • Customized meeting frequency
  • Beneficiary review
  • Regular review of your tax situation to incorporate any new tax changes
  • Free consultation with your tax preparer
  • Recommendations of tax solutions including tax advantaged investments*
  • Comprehensive review of tax returns to highlight opportunities for reductions
  • Assess how tax law changes may affect you*
  • Goal planning reporting
  • Multigenerational planning and decision making
  • Educational seminars, programs and interactive workshops
  • Personalized advice and consultation
  • Networking opportunities with peers and world-class experts

At Kowal Investment Group, we know how important supporting your family is to you, and how you don’t want to add any burden to them either. When you work with us, you get a true partner, simplifying management of your portfolio while sharing accountability to help maximize your retirement plan.

*Raymond James and its advisors do not offer tax or legal advice. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.