The Retirement Planning Process

Our process is tailored to individuals who are at or near retirement with $500,000 or more in retirement assets. With every partnership, we evaluate the entire range of our clients’ financial needs, outline an array of recommendations for moving forward, and tirelessly monitor and revise each plan. Our client-focused philosophy is designed to get to know you personally, so we meet with you regularly, face-to-face, to ensure we’re helping guide you toward the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

Get to Know You

Applying our client-centric approach, we are driven to make a strong, positive impact on each client we serve. We use our first meeting to go beyond specific asset management or estate planning requirements to learn about your most important values, relationships, and life-long goals. Building this in-depth understanding helps lead to more meaningful long-term solutions and financial results.

Develop Your Investment Plan

Once we understand you, we present you with a detailed investment plan tailored specifically to you. Addressing your goals, concerns and unique risk tolerance, we provide you not only a specific game plan, but also benchmarks for tracking progress. Your Investment Policy Statement serves as a roadmap to maximize the probability of reaching your objectives.

Establish Mutual Commitments

Establishing a clear, common vision is the hallmark of our successful client-advisor partnerships. At this meeting, we’ll not only formally establish our relationship, but we’ll also answer your questions to ensure we’re aligned. Together, we’ll review the paperwork and execute the agreements needed to confirm our relationship.

Follow Up Early

Maintaining transparency, we will check in with you – in-person – to ensure you remain on track towards achieving your goals. Here, we’ll address any life updates, reassess your plan, and make any necessary adjustments. We’ll also review any other changes needed, along with any statements & paperwork to ensure you’re not only organized, but fully aware of everything regarding your retirement plan.

Monitor and Evolve

Our meetings don’t stop once your plan is in place. Holding consistent meetings allows us to discuss the measurable progress toward each of your goals. We also introduce our Wealth Management Plan, which identifies the financial challenges you may face beyond just investment management, and helps us determine the most suitable strategy for addressing each of these concerns.

See how our process can help you preserve your legacy.